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We've Started A Blog!!

Thank you for visiting our blog and reading our very first entry!  So, you might be asking… why start a blog?  We asked ourselves that question too and came to the conclusion that we like reading other blogs, so why not?!  Our goal is a pretty simple one; we want to introduce you to our store, our wide range of products, our staff, and also share our passion for life, relationships, and community.


If you aren’t familiar with The Uniform Store, you don’t know what you are missing!  We’ve got the Shenandoah Valley’s largest selection of medical scrubs, lab coats, shoes, chef and hospitality wear.  But we are different from other retails stores; we are more “boutique” than straight up retail store.   As soon as you walk in you will notice something that takes you by surprise… a mix of old and new.  You will find the latest fashions, seasonal colors and fabrics, and newest accessories available to give you the look of success.  You may also see socks rolled up in an old wooden cheese box or a shoe sitting on top of an old general store scale.   Our fearless leader and store owner Lisa Beggs has a great eye for repurposing items.  Lisa is one of those ladies that can take a flea market find and turn it into a jewel with little to no effort at all.  Her creativity makes displaying our inventory way more fun than just hanging items on a rack.  When you shop for scrubs or hospitality wear, you might leave with a new idea for your home or office!!  Check out some of her great display ideas….



So while you stopped in for a uniform, you might just leave with a cool decorating idea, some fashionable work-wear, a pair of comfy shoes, or maybe even a funky accessory.  But our most exciting sell is a smile.  We are glad you stopped by and we are looking forward to seeing you again.  We don’t just want to help you look good; we want you to feel like you just made a new friend, because you did!


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